From Jockeys

Daniel Fortt, 2014 Richard Davis IJF Progress Award Winner:
JETS has not only helped me set up my business but also to grow it. The feedback I have had from the Channel 4 piece is amazing. People who had not heard of JETS are amazed that we have such an infrastructure in our sport and to be so well looked after regardless of how successful or unsuccessful we are.
Cheryl Nosworthy
You will be pleased to hear I have received a FIRST! JETS has played a huge part in enabling me to achieve a positive outcome to my injuries. Thank you so much for your help and support over the last few years.
Liam Cooper
I have recently completed my apprenticeship in farriery and passed all my exams and would just like to say a huge thank you for all your generous funding and guidance regarding my apprenticeship.
Richard Forristal
I will be eternally grateful for the way in which your backing has given me the confidence to pursue my goals and also helped ease the pressure and workload.
Mark Bradburne
I along with many other jockeys have benefitted from your skill in finding out what we enjoy outside of racing and then finding a sustainable career that we can move on to.

From Employers

Paul Crowther, Surrey Fire & Rescue Service
By employing a former jockey, you know you are going to get someone who is dedicated and committed. The hours that they put in when racing are not dissimilar to The Fire Service which requires strange and long hours. We know Alan will always be on time and has the drive to work, without having to be prompted.
Andrew Waller, Knight Frank
Rupert has proved to be a great asset to the firm. Coming from a racing background, he’s brought a wealth of experience, fantastic contacts and a dynamism to our business, which has helped to clinch deals and bring work in. Any service which can bring us candidates of the calibre of Rupert has to be supported.
Judith Allen, BHEST
I think jockeys have really good people skills which means they find talking to a group comes naturally. We had always been very impressed with Ollie’s professionalism when he was working for us on a part-time basis. JETS makes the whole process of recruiting jockey trainers, efficient and easy, saving us a great deal of time.
Seamus Buckley, Goodwood Racecourse
JETS put two candidates forward for this role and both were excellent. I would definitely use their recruitment service again, as they understand what we need and the sort of people we are looking for.