During these uncertain times following the Coronavirus outbreak, JETS has identified some of the most popular areas in which jockeys might be interested in gaining more skills and qualifications. Whilst face to face learning is not possible at the moment, there is a huge range of courses available online covering a vast number of subjects and at different entry levels. 

Now is a good time to explore other areas that you may be interested in, either as a second career or just as part of your personal development. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with JETS who can help find something suitable for you. If you would like more information on any of the courses below, please contact JETS who will provide funding where applicable.


JETS uses Pitman Training for a range of office based training, with various qualifications ranging from short one or two day courses to diplomas which take up to a year. They’re generally split into modules which make them easy to complete in stages. Subjects include: Business Management, Career Development, IT, Marketing, Microsoft Office, Office and Secretarial, Sage, Accounting & Bookkeeping, Web Design & Photoshop



Kaplan offer a range of distance learning courses.  Distance Learning is their most flexible study option, allowing you to study independently in your own time, at your own pace, from anywhere. they provide a range of online and printed learning materials, that are written by their experts, and you’ll still get tutor support if you need it.

Subjects include: Accounting, Bookkeeping, Banking and Finance, and Tax   



The National Horseracing College, British Racing School and all provide Level 3 Diploma in Racehorse Care & Management. This qualification is particularly useful if you want to continue work with horses after riding either in a riding or non-riding capacity, and is an essential qualification if you are planning on going into training or instructing in the future. The course is online and you build up an online portofolio.

National Horseracing College
British Racing School 


The British Horseracing Authority (BHA) has introduced a suite of eight higher-level training programmes in the horseracing and Thoroughbred breeding industries. These programmes build on the skills and knowledge either gained from lower-level qualifications or by working in the industry and are specific to particular vocational areas of work. The normal cost of each Learning Programme will be £1,500. However, for 2020, a subsidy will be applied so the candidate only pays a registration fee of £100. For further information or to apply please call 01302 861000 or email info@theNHC.co.uk

Level 4 Learning Programmes 

LGV Driving

Many jockeys find it useful to have their LGV drivers licence so they can drive horseboxes and large goods vehicles. Obviously it’s not possible to take a practical driving test at the moment or have any practical training but you do need to pass your theory test first so you can get started on that.

Order forms D2/D4 (medical and provisional)
Theory Learning and practice tests 


Open Learn is a brilliant free resource, popular with many sportspeople due to the flexible nature of learning and the different levels available.  Subjects include: Health, Sports & Psychology, Education & Development, History & The Arts, Languages, Money & Business, Nature & Environment, Science, Maths & Technology, Society, Politics & Law.

FIND OUT MORE: Open Learn Course Catalogue


The Open University, the most famous distance learning University in the world, offers a range of degree and Higher Education qualifications across a range of subjects. However you can also complete everything from short modules to Certificate courses with the OU. There are no entry qualifications for OU courses. Many of the OU qualifications work as stepping stones, from one stage to the next. They’re also valuable in their own right. You could start with a certificate and stop there. Or continue your studies to gain a diploma and then a degree.



Future Learn partners with top international universities and specialist organisations to offer online courses and degrees. The courses are a great way of building your professional skills and connecting with experts with plenty of short courses as well as microcredentials and Degrees available.



You may not wish to gain an official qualification but simply just want to learn how to do things or gain extra knowledge in different areas. Don’t forget there are all sorts of practical tutorials especially on YouTube and Instagram in areas as diverse as DIY and Make Up to Computers and Technology. There are also hundreds of educational YouTube channels to explore and multiple Podcast providers offering diverse documentary, sports, comedy, music, history, crime and current affairs content. Finally, you can download books online to read on electronic devices or listen to as audio books.

100 Top Educational YouTube Channels 
Apple Books
BBC Sounds


Learning a new language is something that can easily be done through distance learning and is a great skill to have in life and to add on to your CV and with racing being an international sport, it can be very useful even if it’s just at conversational level. There are numerous language courses aimed at different levels. Likewise, if you’ve always wanted to learn a musical instrument, online tutorials and lessons can be arranged through various providers.

Rosetta Stone
Michel Thomas


Many jockeys are interested in developing their skills in writing and journalism.  The National Council for the Training of Journalists offer a distance learning Diploma.  The NCTJ Diploma in Journalism is the qualification that editors look for when recruiting a trainee journalist.  This distance learning programme equips learners with the knowledge and skills that journalists need to succeed on the job. It is also ideal for those who want to acquire transferrable journalistic skills.  The programme is perfect for those unable to study at an NCTJ-accredited, centre-based course. It provides distance learners with the information and support needed to comprehensively learn about each subject, thus preparing them for the exams. It is not compulsory to sit the exams but students must pass the exams and the portfolio to gain the NCTJ Diploma in Journalism.

The College of Media and Publishing offer a range of writing skills and a more basic journalism course.  Their online freelance journalism course trains you to write compelling news and articles for both print and online publications, on a range of topics. This course is an ideal place for beginners to start. It covers all of the journalism basics and teaches you to the basics of a professional freelance journalist.

Diploma in Journalism
College of Media and Publishing 


Many jockeys are interested in property. The National Association of Estate Agents offer specialist, regulated property qualifications which are completed flexibly through distance learning. When you're ready to take the exams, you can book a time-slot to suit you at your nearest test centre. Propertymark Qualifications are nationally recognised by employers and recruiters so are the perfect starting place to becoming an estate agent or advancing your career.

The National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) 
Property Mark Qualifications 


There are many organisations offering online and distance learning courses. These courses may not be certified or lead to qualifications; however, they may well still be useful in terms of personal and professional development. JETS is not able to recommend these as there are too many on offer, however there are a couple of examples below.

JETS currently have a link with a schoolteacher local to the Malton area who has offered his time, help and knowledge to assist with any learning jockeys may be interested. Owing to the current situation this help will be provided free of charge and will comply with current Social Distancing guidelines.

Oxford College 
Stonebridge Associated Colleges