Our Statement

As an organisation, JETS is committed to continual learning, improvement and action by providing holistic personal and professional development support for all professional jockeys, past and present. We are proud to have signed up to the Diversity and Inclusion Industry Commitment and in my role as JETS Diversity & Inclusion Champion on our Board, I will lead on our work to create a diverse and inclusive culture at JETS and ensure we deliver our Diversity & Inclusion Action Plan.

As part of the Jockey Training & Development Management team, we will be working with others to embed and effect the progressive delivery of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion into the Jockey Training & Development curriculum using a range of educational tools to help jockeys understand the various ways they can help form and celebrate a more diverse and inclusive culture within horseracing. In so doing our aim is that jockeys will not only play an important role in encouraging more inclusive and diverse entry pathways for young riders into the sport but also use their profile to attract a more diverse audience generally into racing for the benefit of everyone.

We believe that we have a collective responsibility to provide jockeys with this knowledge, skills and experience which will be an important part of their continual personal development, helping them in their role as professional sportspeople and also equipping them for whatever second career they choose to follow in the future.

For further details on the various actions we’ll be taking to support the Industry Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion, you can review our Action Plan here.

Andrew Chalk, Chair of JETS Trustees

Respect & Inclusion

Along with the PJA, as part of the Jockey Matters Series, in October 2022 we produced two films focusing on Respect & Inclusion in the weighing room.  Each film looks at what Jockeys can say and do to ensure racing is as inclusive as possible and explores how they can use their platform to tackle discrimination of any kind.  The films signpost support for jockeys.


Useful Links

Jockeys can show their support and amplify the messaging to attract more diverse audiences into racing and celebrate diversity and inclusion across the sport by following the organisations below.  Jockeys can also enrol on the free education courses below to help inform themselves and adopt skills that will help them be more inclusive.

Racing with Pride - Twitter

Racing Together - Twitter, Instagram

Great British Racing - Twitter, Instagram

Women In Racing - Twitter

The Jockey Club & Rio Ferdinand Foundation #NotBoxed Initiative 

Diversity in Racing Resources 

AllInTheRace Campaign

The #AllInTheRace campaign launched in July 2022 shows the industry’s commitment to leading on inclusivity. The DiRSG has produced a short one-minute film to visibly demonstrate racing’s ambition to improve the diversity and inclusivity of the sport and to illustrate to the audience how racing will directly benefit which can be seen below.