From Jockeys

Ben Swarbrick, Financial Adviser, St. James's Place
Having left school at 16 I had to go back to college and complete an Access course which would allow me entry into university. I passed with Distinction and gained a place at the University of Leeds studying Psychology. I left with a BSc 2:1 Hons both of which was funded by JETS and Lisa was invaluable in helping me get onto my chosen courses.
Ollie McPhail, Programme Manager, Racing To School
I use a whole range of skills in my new role that I didn’t have before. JETS helped me develop them, I went on a range of courses which has helped me progress in my new role and get me where I am today.
Aodhagan Conlon, Psychology degree graduate
Lisa Delany has been a massive help all the way through. From deciding what course to do, where to do it, applications and personal statements, all the way through to securing the scholarship from JETS, who kindly contributed 50% of my tuition fees.
Richard Thomas, Business Development Executive
Transitioning out of racing was really hard as I needed to decide what I could see myself doing every day because when you’re racing you’re really being paid to do a hobby. I’ve always stayed in touch with JETS, doing courses and keeping an eye on the job board. Lisa helped me with my CV and interview techniques which helped give me the confidence to get my first job as an estate agent.
Trotter Nicholls, Racing Instructor/Trainer
I knew I had to start thinking about my future but I didn’t really have a clue. JETS has supported me throughout and paid for my courses. I don’t think you’d find many other professions where that kind of support is available, they basically have held my hand each step of the way.
Shelley Birkett, Flat Jockey & RUK Media Trainee
The reaction from colleagues in the weighing room to me doing the traineeship has been quite positive, especially as the course is new and unique. I think JETS has done a fantastic job at getting jockeys to think about life out of the saddle whilst they’re still riding. Looking ahead to the future, I hope this course stands me in good stead to pursue a career in the media, and if that doesn’t happen then at least I will have gained valuable skills during the course that I can use in other areas of the sport.
Richard Forristal, Racing Post Editor in Ireland
I will be eternally grateful for the way in which your backing has given me the confidence to pursue my goals and also helped ease the pressure and workload.
Mark Bradburne, Electrician
I along with many other jockeys have benefitted from your skill in finding out what we enjoy outside of racing and then finding a sustainable career that we can move on to.

From Employers

Seb Vance, Racing UK
Racing UK is always on the look-out for jockeys who can add valuable insight garnered from their days in the saddle. Niall Hannity is our most renowned jockey-turned-presenter and, of course, won the JETS Richard Davies Award in 2015. Niall consulted JETS while still riding and attended various media training days. He soon realised his all-round knowledge of the form-book, ability to analyse a race from the saddle, and an easy and engaging presenting style gave him the perfect platform for horseracing broadcasting. Amy Ryan and James Millman also appear regularly on the channel and their insight from a jockeys' perspective is a vital and welcome element to Racing UK's output. We are always keen for jockeys to join the team and last year launched the inaugural JETS-RMG Traineeship, to offer past and present jockeys the opportunity to spend a consolidated period with the broadcast, digital and marketing teams at Racing UK.
Colonel Stephen Padgett, Chief Executive at the NRC
The Northern Racing College trains people for the racing industry. We rely therefore, on finding experienced, reliable and enthusiastic staff who can pass on their knowledge, work ethic and passion for horses to our learners. Staff members’ career stories serve to inspire and motivate learners, whether they are new entrants to the industry or are progressing through the licensing system on the way to becoming professional jockeys. A great example was Adrian Nicholls who, after a very successful career in the saddle, became an instructor at the NRC before moving on to become a trainer in his own right. Adrian’s contribution during his time with us as an instructor, his dedication to horses and the sport and his exciting career story illustrate perfectly why the NRC has been and remains keen to work with JETS to identify, recruit and employ suitable former jockeys.
Paul Crowther, Surrey Fire & Rescue Service
By employing a former jockey, you know you are going to get someone who is dedicated and committed. The hours that they put in when racing are not dissimilar to The Fire Service which requires strange and long hours. We know Alan will always be on time and has the drive to work, without having to be prompted.