JETS is a charity set up in 1995 to help current and former professional jockeys plan and achieve a secure future. It is funded by jockeys’ prize money contributions and additional support from The Injured Jockeys Fund.

Since its inception, it has helped over 800 current and former jockeys with career advice, grants and training in new skills, in order to gain employment after race-riding.

Early retirement is inevitable for jockeys and the injury risk is high: National Hunt jockeys are 30 on average when their careers end, and flat jockeys are not far behind at 33. Statistics also show that, on average, jump jockeys experience a fall every 16 rides and, with horses travelling at speeds of more than 30mph, flat falls can be equally serious.

JETS is here to make jockeys aware of their strengths, attributes and transferable skills from race riding to ensure they have successful second careers.  JETS works with jockeys from the very start of their career through its Jockey Personal Development Plan which is structured to provide support in a range of key personal and professional areas to ensure each jockey reaches their potential and is well prepared for their lives ahead.  In 2016, JETS produced a series of Jockey Matters films to help educate jockeys in key areas of jockey welfare including Mental Health, Nutrition and Injury Rehabilitation.

JETS also offers a range of services to employers to help fill vacant positions from our candidate database and advertise suitable positions.

JETS is now a registered charity (no. 1149018).