Jockey Lifestyle Workbook

A brand new resource in 2021 developed by our Personal Development team to help jockeys focus on all aspects of their lives and maximise their potential through goal setting and gaining a better understanding of themselves and their individual priorities.

Career Case Study - Working in a Training Yard

Many jockeys continue their career in racing after they've finished riding by working in a training yard. The roles they can do vary from travelling to yard based positions or they can continue riding or do a more managerial role. We look at some of those jockeys who are now enjoying their second careers in training yards.

Career Case Study - Working at Point-To-Points

There is a wide variety of roles working at Point-To-Points. Check out the key responsibilities for each one and find out how to get involved in the sport, a good stepping stone for those wishing to work in Raceday Operations.

Top 5 Summer Career Tips

For Jump jockeys enjoying some quieter periods during the summer, we've come up with some top tips to make the most of your 'down time'. By doing a few simple things, you can make sure you're preparing for you future, no matter what stage of your jockey career you're in.

Career Case Study - Construction Industry Careers

The construction industry has proved to be a popular area for former jockeys to begin their second careers. Here we look at the different career opportunities available with tips on how to get started and we hear from former jockeys Mark Bradburne, Tony Evans, Simon Elliott and Matthew Roe who are all successfully employed or training in the construction sector.

Career Case Study – Working in the Breeding Industry

We focus on the different career options available within the breeding industry, how to get started as well as helpful tips and insights from former jockeys such as Tom Malone, Mark Dwyer and Jamie Railton who all enjoy successful careers within the breeding industry.

Career Case Study – Working as a Financial Advisor

We guide you through the different types of financial advisors and the qualities and qualifications you will need in order to make a successful career from giving financial advice to others.

Careers A-Z

We review the huge variety of careers that jockeys have gone on to enjoy after their race riding has finished.

Top 10 Careers Tips for Athletes

Some really helpful pointers from a survey which the Professional Players Federation commissioned asking retired athletes from a range of sports what advice they would give to current professional sports people.

Friends of JETS

We now have a number of businesses across a range of sectors who have agreed to provide careers support to jockeys. This includes offering taster days to understand more about the business, interview practice, advice sessions and more.

How to Write a Business Plan

This simple, easy to follow guide takes you through the step-by-step process of writing a business plan to show to potential investors in a new business ensuring you present your business proposal in the best way possible.

Running Your Own Business

A useful article which identifies the key traits required to run your own business. Find out if you have the type of personality and skills that it takes to run your own business.