Do I qualify for assistance from JETS?

Since 1995, JETS has been funded by jockeys’ prize money contributions and additional support from The Injured Jockeys Fund. For that reason, JETS’ support is available only to jockeys who have been licensed since that time (and have therefore made contributions to the Scheme during their race riding careers) or who are IJF beneficiaries.

You should qualify for assistance IF you are:

– A currently licensed professional jockey (flat, jump, apprentice or conditional). There are also general guidelines within these categories which relate to the number of rides and/or years you have held a licence (since 1995)

– A former professional jockey who has retired since 1995 and fulfil the above race riding criteria

– A beneficiary of The Injured Jockeys Fund. Injured Jockeys Fund beneficiaries must be referred to JETS by their IJF Almoner.

If you are not eligible for The Scheme you can still access our services on a fee-paying basis. Please contact us direct for further details on how this operates.

N.B. JETS is unable to support jockeys who are disqualified (warned off or excluded) by the British Horseracing Authority. However, once any ban periods have been served, eligibility will be re-opened.

Can JETS also help to support me in my race riding career?

There are certain key skills which JETS can help you build whilst you are still race riding, which will also benefit you in your life as a jockey, as well as in any future careers. These include most notably IT or computer skills and media and communication skills. JETS arranges some group training courses in these skills or can identify a suitable course in your area for you.

I hope I am years away from retiring from race riding but is there anything I can do now to make it all easier?

Yes. It is definitely worth making use of quieter season, injury or ‘down’ times to reflect on your future and either make an appointment for a JETS Career Coaching consultation and/or to undertake some training and acquire some additional skills. Good examples of this are part-time computer training in your home or short media training courses. See how others have planned ahead in our JETS videos and get advice from retired athletes in our Careers Support section. All of these can be set up and part-funded by JETS.

There are so many courses available. How do I find the right one for me and how am I going to find the time?

JETS can help provide the right course, delivered in the best way to suit your individual circumstances. Part-time or short, intensive courses can often be fitted around race riding schedules. A whole range of drop-in, part-time (day or evening), distance and on-line training courses are all available. And, of course, some skills training (particularly languages) can be delivered online or in audio form, for you to work on at home or listen to in the car en-route to the races.

How much funding can I get toward the cost of any training courses? Can I apply for more than one course/grant?

With standard JETS training grants, JETS aim, where they can, to provide grants covering up to 80% of your training costs, depending on the nature of the training and your individual circumstances. Every individual application is assessed on its own merit. JETS will assist you throughout the grant application process. You will generally be asked to make a personal contribution (at varying levels) to ensure you are committed to taking the course(s). Cancellation terms will apply.

I would love to go back to full-time education but I don’t see how I can afford it. Can JETS help?

With standard JETS training grants, JETS aim, where they can, to provide grants covering up to 80% of your training costs, depending on the nature of the training and your individual circumstances. In addition, candidates wanting to take long-term, residential or academic courses (and who therefore need more help with funding) are welcome to apply for a JETS scholarship. JETS can guide you through the process of applying for these.

All I can think about is riding, so why should I contact JETS now?

It is natural for professional sportsmen and women to be highly focussed on their performance and think that that’s all they will be doing for the rest of their lives.

However, the truth is that early retirement is inevitable for jockeys and the injury risk is high: National Hunt jockeys are 30 on average when their careers end, and flat jockeys are not far behind at 33. Statistics also show that, on average, jump jockeys experience a fall every 16 rides and, with horses travelling at speeds of more than 30mph, flat falls, as you will know can be equally serious.

If you contact JETS now you’ll be able to plan ahead and be more prepared for the next career move when it comes.

Watch how other jockeys have planned ahead in our JETS videos and get some advice from retired athletes from other sports in our Careers Support section.

I would like to continue to work in the racing industry when I stop race riding, are there courses and/or opportunities for me within racing?

Opportunities do exist to continue working within the horseracing or equine industries from BHA officials to racecourse managers to selling horse feeds. Many of these roles will require additional skills, qualifications and experience which JETS can help you achieve. The racing industry itself runs a number of training courses from Trainers Modules to Racing Secretary courses. Click here to see up and coming courses and dates and contact Lisa to talk through the courses which would be best for you and to apply for a JETS training grant to help you with the course costs.

What does everybody else do when they finish race riding?

These days, jockeys are making increasingly varied career choices from vocational options outside racing – from tree surgery to plumbing and hairdressing; to those within the horse world – from farriery to racecourse management, see our Careers A-Z for more ideas. Although part of them inevitably misses the race riding and the lifestyle, many also find that they enjoy using new skills and achieving in an alternative environment.

Take a look at the JETS videos featuring various jockeys and former jockeys who have used (or are using) JETS to build their futures and read our case studies or find out who’s training now.

I have no idea what I will do when I finish race riding. Can JETS help?

Most jockeys have no idea what they would want to do next and this is where JETS career coaching comes in. JETS offers an opportunity for you to meet up with our experienced Career Coach, Lisa Delany to chat through your options and work towards a plan for your future. It is never too early to start this thinking process. Jockeys are now choosing increasingly varied careers. Take a look at the JETS videos featuring various jockeys and former jockeys who have used (or are using) JETS to build their futures and read our case studies and browse the site for new career ideas and training course suggestions, based on what others like you have done to plan ahead.

I am thinking about retiring from race riding soon but I don’t want others to know and am finding the prospect difficult to face. Can JETS help?

All contact you have with JETS is confidential and we will always ask you if you are happy to be mentioned in any JETS communications or promotions, before publication. We look to build a relationship of trust with every jockey we help. That way, we can help smooth the path to your retirement including advising on any announcements etc. Read how Mark Bradburne used JETS to plan for his retirement from race riding.

I have seen a job advertised that I might be interested in but don’t know where to start?

Once you feel ready to move on to a new role – either full or part-time and in the UK or abroad – JETS can alert you to any vacancies which might interest you, assist with job applications and can also help you approach prospective employers. You can find details of the latest vacancies on our Job Board and some suggestions for useful on-line sources of vacancies.

I have never really had a job interview before. Can JETS help?

Yes. JETS can help you prepare for interviews with one-to-one coaching and advice. Candidates who have used this service, without fail, report that they find the whole process a lot less daunting.

I would like to run my own business when I finish race riding. Can JETS help?

JETS can also help source advice, if you are considering running your own business or developing existing business interests further. Click here for further information.