Together with our colleagues across the industry, we are responsible for delivering a comprehensive training and development programme that inspires jockeys to realise their full potential throughout their careers as professional sportspeople and beyond.  Read the latest Jockey Training & Development Strategy Report published in May 2023.

Through a far-reaching support system provided by JETS, the PJA, BHA, BRS, NRC and employers, UK based jockeys can enjoy one of the best development programmes in the world, creating a safe and inclusive environment for athletes to flourish. The programme covers physical, practical, emotional and intellectual aspects of development. The key components of the programme are outlined below.

Licensing Training

Jockeys are required to carry out a Pre-Licence Fitness Assessment before attending a Licence course. Licensing courses are designed to ensure that applicants have the skills, knowledge, fitness and attributes required to ride under Rules, safely and competitively and be an ambassador for the racing industry.

Pre Licence Skills & Fitness Assessment Info
Licence Course Curriculum

Training Workshops for Claiming Jockeys

These regional workshops are provided to all claiming Jockeys to complement and support the coaching they receive within the Jockey Coaching Programme (JCP). The programme offers a combination of practical workshops and theory sessions with content adapted for the 7lb, 5lb and 3lb stages. The sessions are hosted by a range of presenters including many former jockeys delivering on key areas below:

• Technical & Tactical Riding skills
• Fitness & Nutrition
• Mental and Psychological
• Lifestyle & Personal Development
• Career and finance
• Communication and media
• Health and safety

Jockey Matters Series

Jockey Coaching Programme

Under the management of The British Racing School, all Claiming jockeys are entitled to access the services of the 20 Jockey Coaches who are based all over the country. Offering a wealth of experience, the Coaches provide invaluable support and assistance helping their jockeys with technical riding sessions, course walks, race analysis as well as help dealing with more personal issues. Often Jockey Coaches can signpost their jockeys in the direction of other support services offered by the PJA, IJF and JETS.


Jockey Training Website
Jockey Matters – Jockey Coaching Film
JCP Web App Log In

Don't forget you can log in to the app and:

• View your coaching sessions and any videos your coach has uploaded
• View and evaluate your Personal Development Plans, review your goals and actions
• View your skills profile
• View your Racing Excellence series race reports and Documents
• Watch Jockey Matters Videos

Personal Development Managers

JETS has two Personal Development Managers who work with jockeys from the very start of their career developing a bespoke Jockey Personal Development Plan which is structured to provide support in a range of key personal and professional areas to ensure each jockey reaches their potential and is well prepared for their lives ahead.  We've also developed a Jockey Lifestyle Workbook to help jockeys with their goal setting and assessing strengths and weaknesses which may guide future career plans.


PDP Outline
Jockey Lifestyle Workbook
Jockey Matters - Personal Development Film

Careers & Training Support

Via JETS, all jockeys can receive advice, support and funding for a vast range of training or education courses. These can vary from one off basic skill sessions, evening courses, distance learning or full time further education courses. Many jockeys now take the opportunity to boost their experience during the off season or during injury periods. JETS also offers careers guidance and help preparing for interviews.


More info on JETS Services
Training Course Info
Careers Support
Personal Development Grant
Job Board
Jockey Matters - Career Transition Film

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Mental health provision and support for jockeys is very accessible so you don’t have to suffer in silence. Mental health support is available through the Injured jockeys Fund and the PJA.

PJA Mental Health and Wellbeing Page

Peter O'Sullevan House - 01638 676200

 Oaksey House - 01488 674242

Jack Berry House 01653 602090

 PJA Performance Consultant - Aodhagan Conlon @aodhaganconlon

Strength & Conditioning Support

IJF Performance Videos 
Oaksey House team: 01488674242
Jack Berry House team: 01653 602090
Peter O'Sullevan House team: 01638 676200

Nutrition Support

PJA Nutrition section 
Contact PJA Nutrition Team
Facebook: PJA Nutrition Team page
Instagram: PJA Nutrition

Dan Martin (North & LJMU): 07902 151916 @nutritiondan

Hannah Trotman (South): 07772 508999 @HannahTrotman

Oliver Whiteman (Newmarket): 07534 080829 @WhitemanOliver

Jockey Matters Films

Have you caught up with the Jockey Matters Film series?  The films cover a range of different areas from nutrition and fitness to addiction and mental resilience. Please take the time to view them on our Videos page.