Careers Advice & Coaching

If you’re not sure where to go next or how to plan your future, JETS can advise on a range of areas and offers coaching sessions to make jockeys aware of their strengths, attributes and transferable skills. We advise what training courses are available, how jockeys can search for jobs, create CVs and gain experience and interview techniques. Private consultations can be arranged in the strictest confidence. Alternatively jockeys can speak with JETS Manager, Lisa Delany or Jockey Personal Development Manager Phil Kinsella, on their regular racecourse visits. See when Lisa and Phil are next on course.

Personal Development Plans

JETS has two Personal Development Managers who work with jockeys from the very start of their career through our Jockey Personal Development Plan which is structured to provide support in a range of key personal and professional areas to ensure each jockey reaches their potential and is well prepared for their lives ahead.  We also have a Jockey Lifestlye Workbook that jockeys can complete with their Personal Development Manager or by themselves as a useful way to set goals and gain better self awareness of their individual strengths and weaknesses.  You can request a copy from Phil or Lisa or pick one up at the IJF centres.


JETS can arrange individual training for jockeys who want to acquire new skills in a specific area and we can also easily arrange group media training.

Grants & Scholarships

To help with the cost of training, JETS can provide grants to cover up to 80% of your training costs, depending on the nature of the training and your individual circumstances. In addition, candidates wanting to take long-term or residential courses (and who therefore need more help with funding) are welcome to apply for a JETS scholarship. Scholarship funds are finite, so if you think you might be a candidate for a scholarship please contact us sooner rather than later. JETS can guide you through the process of applying for these. Contact us for further details. 

Personal Development Grant Scheme for Young Jockeys

In 2023, JETS launched a new grant scheme exclusively for Conditional or Apprentice jockeys with less than 50 rides. The aim is to encourage jockeys to engage with JETS and embrace training and development from the very outset of their careers.

The importance of maintaining an ‘identity’ beyond sport has long been recognised in professional sport and through this scheme jockeys can apply for small grants of up to £250 with funding considered across a range of different areas including trade courses, language or music lessons, education tutoring, coaching qualifications or industry short courses.  Download an application form or contact Phil Kinsella who can help you with your application.  Applications will be considered on a case by case basis.

Employer Services

JETS can help you source quality individuals from our candidate database who have the relevant skills for full time, part time or casual employment or internships across a range of industries. We can also advertise vacancies via our Job Board, Enews and social media channels.