Richard Davis Awards 2023 - David Parkes

Winner of the Jockey Club Achievement Award, former Apprentice David Parkes established his Northern Ireland based company DAP Shipping in 2019, working with agents and hauliers all over Europe, managing the import and export of a range of goods in the post Brexit landscape. Supported by JETS, he has gained various customs and trade qualifications and shown huge determination to embrace his second career and continually learn more about international customs to help his business grow.

Richard Davis Awards 2023 - Ryan Hatch

Winner of the IJF Progress Award is Grade 1 winning jockey Ryan Hatch who was forced to retire from racing due to injury and in 2023 was successfully recruited as a Training Instructor and Assessor for the RMF group in the West Midlands which provides Equine training to unemployed people and also has delivered courses in prisons.

Richard Davis Awards 2023 - Olivia Tubb

Winner of the BHA Development Award is Olivia Tubb, based in Lambourn with Johnny Portman. She has applied herself diligently to all aspects of her career working closely with her Jockey Coach George Baker as well as taking advantage of nutrition, strength and conditioning, media training and performance psychology support. She was also one of the first jockeys to apply for the JETS Personal Development grant available to jockeys with less than 50 rides in order to complete a gym instructor course whilst injured.

Richard Davis Awards 2022 - Jordan Vaughan

Jordan stopped riding as a Flat jockey in 2017 and decided to work towards a second career as a farrier. He's now a fully qualified Farrier based with O’Shaughnessy Farriery in Newmarket, having completed a four year Apprenticeship course, supported by JETS, at Warwickshire College.

Richard Davis Awards 2022 - Ryan Withey

IJF Progress Award winner. Former Amateur and IJF beneficiary, Ryan Withey had to re-evaluate his future after a serious foot injury ended his riding career. With the support of JETS and the IJF, he has pursued a second career in equine dentistry. He is now working towards his qualifications and is based with Equine Dental Services South West.

Richard Davis Awards 2022 - Thomas Willmott

BHA Development Award Winner. Based with Sue Smith in West Yorkshire., Thomas rode 17 winners last season, his most successful to date. As well as showing huge progress in his riding through his work with his jockey coach, improving his nutrition and fitness, he’s developing a dual career as a funeral director. When off injured, he used JETS to begin his qualifications and he’s gaining experience by working for a company in Scotland when his riding allows.

JOCKEY MATTERS: Inclusion & What We Can Do

Hosted by Hayley Moore, five Flat and Jump jockeys in conversation with Inclusion expert Chris Gibbons discuss what jockeys can do to tackle discrimination and make sure racing is as inclusive as possible.

JOCKEY MATTERS: Respect & What We Say

A discussion with jockeys focusing on the type of language used in the weighing room, how jockeys conduct themselves with each other and what everyone can do to ensure others feel respected. It also signposts support for anyone who is affected by behaviour that may fall short of the agreed standards.

JOCKEY MATTERS: Racing Excellence Series

A guide to the Racing Excellence Series comprising 74 races across 7 series for both Flat and Jump jockeys. Whether run under the Hands and Heels or Training Race conditions, every race is supported by a qualified Jockey Coach. Hear from the coaches and jockeys taking part and learn more about how the races provide a valuable opportunity for inexperienced jockeys.

JOCKEY MATTERS: Jockey Coaching

Released in March 2022, this film showcases the world leading Jockey Coaching Programme for Apprentice and Conditional jockeys. Featuring jockeys, trainers and coaches, it highlights recent developments including new Regional Coaches, drop in sessions, an extension of the Programme and the recruitment of the Coaching Development Manager.

Richard Davis Awards 2021 - Rodi Greene

Former Jump Jockey Rodi Greene has been recognised for his 10 year career as a Jockey Coach, nurturing some of the biggest talents in racing including Tom Marquand, Hollie Doyle, Harry Cobden and Lizzie Kelly. Rodi travels far and wide to support his jockeys and his passion and dedication shines through with every jockey he coaches, helping them achieve their dreams.

Richard Davis Awards 2021 - Kathy Begley

Former Flat jockey Kathy Begley has won the Progress Award in recognition of her career achievements over the last two years. With the support of JETS, Kathy undertook a fast track Chemistry A level, getting the A* grade she needed to secure a place at St. Edmund's College at Cambridge University to study veterinary medicine.

Richard Davis Awards 2021 - Charlotte Jones

Conditional Jump Jockey Charlotte Jones, based with trainer James Moffatt in Cartmel, tells us how she has developed her riding career as well as working hard on her personal development to gain skills out of the saddle too. She has even set up her own gin label with friends.

JOCKEY MATTERS: Everyday Nutrition

Practical solutions for maintaining good nutrition, focusing on 4 key jockey environments - at home, in the car, on course and at the yard – with tips from jockeys & PJA nutrition team.

JOCKEY MATTERS: More Than A Jockey - Beyond Racing

Jockeys tell us what ambitions they have for the future and how they're preparing now for their second careers once they finish riding.

JOCKEY MATTERS: More Than A Jockey - Off The Track

Jockeys tell us what they enjoy doing away from racing, what's important to them in life and how they would describe themselves.

JOCKEY MATTERS: More Than A Jockey - On The Track

This film focuses on the broad range of skills jockeys need to develop in order to be successful as jockeys and it also looks at the resilience you need to cope with bad days.

Richard Davis Awards: Kylie Manser-Baines Interview

Apprentice turned Firefighter Kylie Manser-Baines, reflects on her win at the 2020 JETS Richard Davis Awards with Niall Hannity and George Baker on Racing TV.

Richard Davis Awards: Jordan Vaughan Interview

Apprentice Jockey turned Farrier Jordan Vaughan, reflects on his win at the 2020 JETS Richard Davis Awards with Niall Hannity and George Baker on Racing TV.

Richard Davis Awards: Gaia Boni Interview

Apprentice Jockey Gaia Boni reflects on her win at the 2020 JETS Richard Davis Awards with Niall Hannity and George Baker on Racing TV.

Richard Davis Awards: Kylie Manser-Baines Film

Kylie Manser-Baines, winner of The Jockey Club Achievement Award at the 2020 Richard Davis Awards, explains how she combines her racehorse rehoming business with a career as a firefighter for the London Fire Brigade.

Richard Davis Awards: Jordan Vaughan Film

Former Apprentice Jordan Vaughan, winner of the IJF Progress Award at the 2020 Richard Davis Awards talks about his new career as a farrier and how he made the transition.

Richard Davis Awards: Gaia Boni film

Apprentice Jockey Gaia Boni, winner of the BHA Current Jockey CPD Award at the 2020 Richard Davis Awards, explains her career development work, the support she's received and what winning the Award means to her.

JOCKEY MATTERS: Substance Abuse & Support

Produced by JETS and the PJA, this film features powerful testimonies from Flat jockeys Kieran Shoemark and Ray Dawson who speak about the difficult journeys they have been on from addiction to recovery, highlighting some of the key issues faced by jockeys and encouraging others to access the significant amount of support available to jockeys.

JOCKEY MATTERS: Drive Smart, Stay Safe

Featuring senior Flat jockeys Paul Mulrennan and Stevie Donohoe and Conditional Jump jockey Lorcan Williams as well as firefighter and former jockey, Alan Daly. This film highlights some of the key issues which jockeys face on the road and gives some important advice on how to help them stay safe behind the wheel.


Featuring Brian Hughes, Gavin Sheehan and Royston Ffrench along with the IJF's Head of Rehabilitation Edward Stroud and Strength & Conditioning Coach Gavin Egan. This film focuses on the best type of fitness training to protect jockeys' bodies from falls, enable quicker rehab and improve performance.


Featuring jockeys Graham Lee, Adam McNamara and Gemma Tutty as well as Psychology experts Michael Caulfield and Aodhagan Conlon and the PJA's Paul Struthers. The film highlights various mental health and performance issues jockeys may struggle with and outlines the range of confidential support available to help jockeys improve their overall resilience and mental wellbeing.

JOCKEY MATTERS: 5 Resilience Tips

Featuring a number of jockeys as well as sports psychologist Michael Caulfield and Performance Consultant Aodhagan Conlon, this film provides five practical tips for jockeys to follow to help them become more mentally resilient.

JOCKEY MATTERS: Career Transition

Featuring jockeys past and present on the importance of dual career development and preparation for life after race riding. JETS can provide a range of support, training and funding to help jockeys develop in their careers and for the future.


Series 2 continues with this film looking at the symptoms of concussion, the risks of riding with concussion and the treatment available to jockeys to aid a quicker recovery. Featuring jockeys Martin Dwyer and Liam Treadwell as well as concussion experts.

JOCKEY MATTERS: Jockey Coaching

The first in a new series of Jockey Matters films focusing on the Award winning Jockey Coaching Programme and hearing from jockeys who've benefitted from the scheme as well as Coaching Development Manager Philip Robinson and BHA Jockey Coaches John Reid and Rodi Greene.

JOCKEY MATTERS: Personal Development

Featuring contributions from jockeys and JETS Personal Development Managers, this film looks at the range of training and support available to jockeys to help them develop in all areas of their professional and personal lives.

JOCKEY MATTERS: Addiction & Recovery

With multiple Classic winning jockey Johnny Murtagh providing a personal and inspirational account of his journey to recovery from alcoholism, the film aims to highlight the support available to those who recognise they have a problem and how recovery is possible.

JOCKEY MATTERS: Injury - Returning to Riding

Part of the Jockey Matters series. The film features contributions from Sir AP McCoy, Harry Derham, Jason Hart and Sammy Jo Bell and examines the physical and mental challenges jockeys face whilst injured. Members of the Injured Jockeys Fund physio and rehab team highlight the support available to help jockeys get back riding and how best to maximise their time off. (Race footage courtesy of RUK and ATR)

JOCKEY MATTERS: Mental Health & Wellbeing

Launched on World Mental Health Day and featuring contributions from Sir AP McCoy, sports psychologist Michael Caulfield and the first jockey to publicly talk about depression, Mark Enright. The film highlights some of the key issues facing jockeys and the importance of seeking help including the confidential helpline.

JOCKEY MATTERS: Nutrition - Making Weight The Right Way

Featuring a range of jockeys and nutrition experts on how jockeys can better manage their calorie intake and how diet can impact on performance and long term physical and mental wellbeing. Also find out where jockeys can turn to for support.

JOCKEY MATTERS: Nutrition - Staying Hydrated

Featuring contributions from jockeys such as Ryan Moore and Leighton Aspell. Looking at the traditional weight making practice of using saunas and how jockeys should ensure they lose those extra pounds in a healthier way.

JOCKEY MATTERS: Nutrition - Healthy Choices

With contributions from jockeys and health experts, this film looks at the issue of Flipping (self induced vomiting) in the weighing room. It highlights the risks and alternative weight loss methods relying on modern research and support.

2015 JETS Richard Davis Awards Feature

Channel 4 feature on the three Achievement Finalists and IJF Progress Award winner Keith Mercer, enjoying a diverse range of new careers.

JETS Richard Davis Awards & 20th Anniversary Video

How JETS has changed over the years with contributions from previous Richard Davis Award winners and AP McCoy on the significance of these important career development awards for jockeys.

Take Control of Your Future (2013)

Full 9 minute film by Luke Harvey featuring a range of former jockeys who have turned to JETS for help with planning their careers. Contributors include Paul Hanagan, AP McCoy, Ollie McPhail and David O’Meara.

How to plan ahead whilst still riding

Excerpts featuring advice on the type of training and skills jockeys can acquire while still riding. Contributors include Richard Perham, Vicky de Sousa and Gemma Elford.

No idea what you would do next? (2013)

Excerpts featuring former jockeys who have all used JETS to help them decide the career path they want to go forward on. Contributors include Aaron Bateman, Carrie Ford and Dale Gibson.

YES, there is life after racing (2013)

Excerpts featuring former jockeys talking about the lives they are leading now. Contributors include Mick Fitzgerald, Mark Bradburne and Ben Hitchcott.

Rebuilding Careers After Injury (2013)

Excerpts featuring jockeys who have rebuilt their lives and careers after becoming injured. Contributors include Rodi Greene, Michael Naughton and Tom Siddall.

Jockey to Plasterer – JETS candidate Simon Elliott on Channel 4 Racing (2014)

Featuring Hampshire based Simon Elliott and how JETS helped him build his career after injury.

How JETS helps former Jockeys – Dan Fortt on Channel 4 Racing (2014)

Featuring Dan Fortt who has used JETS to help set up his own business, having left school with no qualifications.