Nathan Willmington
- Sports Massage & Fitness Coach

37 year old Nathan rode as a jump jockey for 7 years and had over 120 rides from 1993 to 2000. On his retirement from riding, Nathan turned his hand to race reporting and has now realised a long-held ambition to become a sports massage therapist and fitness coach.


He planned his career move impeccably qualifying as a personal trainer – with JETS advice and grants – gaining his Personal Fitness Trainer and Sports Massage Certificates and arming himself with additional new skills in business, IT and the media.


He is now a fully qualified sports massage therapist and fitness coach and his clients include some of the Olympic sailing teams training for 2012.


Nathan: “I found that fitness training was invaluable for my race riding because it helped keep my muscle lean mass high and my body fat low. I also realised the health and psychological benefits of Sports massage release techniques and strength rehabilitation and development . It was that which put me on the road to a career in sports therapy.”

November 2011