New Strategy Report highlights key progress within the Jockey Training & Development Programme

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Written by: JETS News | Posted 04 May 2023 12:34

The Jockey Training and Development group which works with young jockeys to develop them as professional athletes has highlighted a number of key areas of progress in their latest strategy report which also outlines priorities for the next two years.

The report, produced by the British Horseracing Authority, British Racing School, Jockeys Education & Training Scheme, Injured Jockeys Fund, Northern Horseracing College and the Professional Jockeys Association, sets out the overall vision and objectives for the development of professional jockeys in Britain along with their mission to deliver a comprehensive, relevant and accessible training and development programme that inspires jockeys to realise their full potential throughout their careers as professional sportspeople and beyond.

The first Jockey Training and Development Strategy was produced in 2014, and the second iteration in 2020. Thanks to the support of The Racing Foundation through the Jockey Athlete grant, key recommendations were able to be set out and this report outlines the main areas of progress against those recommendations in nine core curriculum subject areas.

The key achievements highlighted within the report are:Appointment of the Jockey Development Manager

  • Appointment of the Personal Development Manager
  • Appointment of five employed Regional Jockey Coaches
  • Introduction of Lead Talent ID Coaching role
  • Weekly coaching ‘Drop-in’ sessions at all IJF centres, open to all professional jockeys
  • Extension of coaching to all jockeys one-year post claim
  • Launch of the Jockey Training & Development website:
  • Production of new Jockey Matters Jockey Coaching Programme and Racing Excellence films
  • Production of the Jockey Lifestyle Workbook as practical development resource

Commenting on the publication of this latest report, JETS Manager Lisa Delany said:

“The Jockey Training and Development Group has worked strategically and collaboratively over the past decade to improve all areas of training and development. We are delighted with the progress that’s been made together and we hope that this report demonstrates to the wider industry the overarching framework of support which is helping to develop our jockeys as athletes.”

Looking forward to the next two years, a new Sporting Excellence Professional Apprenticeship will be piloted in 2023 ahead of a roll out in 2024. A bespoke training programme to develop Jockey Ambassadors is being trialled in July 2023 and a new Head of Coaching role to lead the Jockey Coaching Programme will be appointed.

Commenting on recent changes to the curriculum and the importance of long term funding, Andrew Braithwaite, Chief Executive at the British Racing School, said:

“We review the curriculum annually to ensure that we’re always meeting the lifestyle and holistic needs of the Jockey Athlete with more recent content improvements incorporating safeguarding, Equality Diversity and Inclusion as well as one to one wellbeing sessions.

“We are pleased to see a really positive engagement from jockeys on the programme and we hope that, by working with the recently formed Industry People Board as well as the Racing Foundation and Levy Board, we will be able to establish a long term sustainable funding model for the Jockey Coaching Programme and Jockey Training and Development.”

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