JETS Funded English Classes for Italian Jockeys in Newmarket

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Written by: JETS News | Posted 04 December 2020 9:58

JETS Funded English Classes for Italian Jockeys in Newmarket

Italian jockeys based in Newmarket are taking advantage of English language lessons funded by JETS this winter. The specialised language course is just one of many examples of bespoke courses in a range of areas that JETS has laid on for jockeys to aid their career development.

The ten week course is being attended by six Italian jockeys - Marco Ghiani, Gaia Boni, Lorenzo Atzori, Matteo Pinna, Stefano Cherchi and Gabriele Malune - and is being taught at the British Racing School by Alison Harper, a former jockey who spent some time in Italy in her career and is fluent in the language.

Trainer Stuart Williams initially instigated the idea for the course as an opportunity to provide language training for a group of jockeys to aid them in their careers.

Alison Harper said:

“The lessons so far have been an excellent start-up for the jockeys and the group has been really engaged and are taking a lot from it. To a certain extent racing has its own language and it’s useful to be able to focus on specific racing terminology which is going to be most useful to the jockeys as they move forward in their careers.”

Jockey Development Manager, Joe Foley-Corah, said:

“We are delighted to support these jockeys and assist them to improve their communication and presentation skills so they can communicate better with stakeholders and further their careers.”

Jockey Marco Ghiani said:

“The lessons have been fun and are really useful, we focus on different areas each week and it means our feedback to trainers about the horses can be much better.”

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