JETS Launches New Personal Development Plans at BHA Licensing Courses

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Written by: JETS News | Posted 07 March 2016 10:22

Conditional and Apprentice jockeys have been setting out their goals recently in a new two hour session run by JETS as part of their Licensing Course. Two sessions have taken place so far for Conditionals at the British Racing School in Newmarket and for Apprentices at the Northern Racing College.

Run by JETS Personal Development Managers Lisa Delany and Phil Kinsella, the session focuses on setting short, medium and long term goals for all aspects of a jockey’s Personal Development.

Speaking about the programme, Phil Kinsella said, “We aim to help both in terms of how young jockeys can develop as people as well as jockeys and make sure they know how to access the network of support available to them.”

To help remind jockeys of their goals, they are asked to fill out 3 key goals in handy Personal Development reminder postcards which are sent to them at a later stage. The new Personal Development Plans (PDPs) will also be made available via the new Jockey Coaching IT system, enabling jockeys to be able to log in and continue to add to their plan with the help of JETS.

Lisa Delany, JETS Manager said, “We are hopeful that information that jockeys put down in their PDPs will help identify areas where improvements can be made to the wider support system on offer to jockeys.”

Feedback form the initial sessions has been overwhelmingly positive with the aim that the PDPs will help jockeys achieve their full potential not only as a sportsperson but in their wider life and career.

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