New Personal Development film released as part of new Licence Course for Jockeys

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Written by: JETS News | Posted 19 March 2024 11:58

The latest film in the Jockey Matters educational film series, focusing on Personal Development, has been released as part of a ‘new look’ Licence course recently attended by aspiring Flat and Jump jockeys at The British Racing School.

A number of young jockeys, including Billy Loughnane, Mia Nicholls, Charlie Maggs and Aidan Keeley, feature on the film, due to be used as part of future Licensing courses which, now for the first time cater for both codes together. The two week programme covers a wide range of topics with various Lifestyle, Technical and Tactical, Nutrition and wider Career sessions as well as a series of intense practical Physical and Simulator assessments.

The jockeys were asked to put together a Personal Development Plan with JETS Personal Development Manager and were shown the film to highlight the importance of focusing on all aspects of their professional and personal development to ensure they have a well rounded approach to their riding career and life beyond the sport.

Phil Kinsella said:

“Visualising your goals is a really important part of developing all aspects of your career and this film is there as another tool to help jockeys think about all the different aspects of their life that they need to focus on to be as successful as possible. We know that athletes who can develop themselves as people rather than just as sportspeople are both more successful and mentally healthier.

Ciaran O’Shea, who attended the course, the first of five Licence courses scheduled for 2024, said:

“The new Personal Development film was really good. It definitely gave us a better understanding of the role Phil provides and afterwards we were able to discuss and think about all the various aspects of life that we need to work on as professional athletes which was really eye opening.”

As well as the Personal Development film, an updated Jockey Coaching film featuring Head of Jockey Coaching George Baker has also recently been released and again, will be used as an educational tool to inform young jockeys on how to maximise their potential by taking advantage of the Jockey Coaching services.

Watch Jockey Matters series here

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