New Jockey Coaching Film Showcases World Leading Training & Development Programme for Jockeys

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Written by: JETS News | Posted 24 March 2022 10:42

Jockeys attending the recent Licensing courses have been the first to preview the latest Jockey Matters film released today about Jockey Coaching.

The new film highlights the world leading Jockey Coaching Programme which launched in 2011 and which, thanks to funding from the Racing Foundation, has since expanded to include 22 qualified coaches with five employed Regional Coaches, a Jockey Development Manager, Jockey Coaching App, new drop in sessions for all jockeys and an extension of the Programme to provide coaching to jockeys for a year after they have lost their claim.

Featuring a range of jockeys who’ve benefitted from the Programme as well as a number of Coaches within the team, including Head of Coaching Richard Perham and Senior Jockey Coach Kevin Darley, the film highlights the integral role a Jockey Coach plays in the development of Jockey Athletes. This includes not only the development of their practical riding skills and providing a strong mentoring role but also signposting their jockeys to all the wider support services such as nutrition, strength and conditioning, performance psychology and other areas a jockey needs to develop in order to maximise their potential as a jockey.

Dylan Johnston, a Conditional Jockey who attended a recent Licensing Course said:

“It was great to see all the different services available to young jockeys once we have obtained our licence. It is clear to see that the programme here is miles clear of the rest of the world”

Jockey Development Manager, Joe Foley-Corah said:

“We believe our Jockey Coaching Programme is genuinely world leading and this film aims to give jockeys entering the system a real insight into the benefits of engaging with their Jockey Coach and the wider support network available.

“We also hope that the wider industry recognises the improved system in place to ensure that our jockey athletes are able to perform to their maximum in the same way as our equine stars and that in the future, as in other sports, we can be in a position to offer individual coaching to jockeys throughout their professional careers.”

Head of Coaching, Richard Perham said:

“The progress that the Jockey Coaching Programme has made in recent years has been phenomenal. The continued development we provide to our Coaches has really helped them gain new skills which ultimately has benefitted jockeys enormously and hopefully will result in a new generation of jockeys who maintain long, healthy and successful careers in racing both as jockeys and beyond.”


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