JP McNamara
- Equine Sales Representative

JP’s race riding was cut prematurely short in 2006, after riding over 200 winners by the time he was in his mid 20s. He made a miraculous recovery from serious injuries following a fall at Bangor and JETS was there to support him through his career switch.


Provision of one-to-one IT training during his recuperation and help with his job application, CV and interview techniques.



JP started as an Equine Sales Rep for Irish Horsefeeds Distributor, Quinns of Baltinglass in 2008.


Liam Quinn, Quinns of Baltinglass: “JP was one of many who answered our advert and one of two we have employed. He is very intelligent, gets on with people and has a sound knowledge of the industry. It’s been a good result for us and hopefully a good one for him too.”

JP: “Once I had time to settle in and find my feet, I found I really enjoy this role. It’s not that different from being a jockey in that I decide my own schedule, who to see and where to go each day. Yes, there’s a lot of travelling, but I’m used to that.”

Summer 2008