Rupert Wakley
- Sales Negotiator, Knight Frank

After a very successful race riding career from 1998 to 2003, Rupert was looking to find a secure and hopefully lucrative alternative career where he could use his contacts, knowledge and skills and find new challenges.


Computer skills and Media Training; CV preparation and interview techniques training.


Rupert was successful in gaining a Sales Negotiating position with rural estate agency, Knight Frank.


Andrew Waller, Knight Frank: “Rupert has proved to be a great asset to the firm. Coming from a racing background, he’s brought a wealth of experience, fantastic contacts and a dynamism to our business, which has helped to clinch deals and bring work in. Any service which can bring us candidates of the calibre of Rupert has to be supported.”

Rupert: “It took a while to adjust to something else when all you’ve lived for is racing but you have just got to accept that you are unlikely to find another job which matches the thrill of race riding.”