Paul Booth
- Electrician

Paul (24) attended a Careers Day at Sandown Park as a 15 year old and following his training at British Racing School, rode as an apprentice for four years. He had 130 rides and 4 winners riding mainly for Dean Ivory but also had lots of outside rides for other trainers. Whilst he thoroughly enjoyed being a jockey he realised his career wasn’t going to take off and now, with support from JETS, Paul is retraining as an electrician.

What support have you received from JETS?

I was attending one of the continuation courses at the British Racing School and JETS was there. I decided to speak to Lisa about what my options were and she has been so helpful in getting me where I am today. She listened to what I was thinking of doing and together we looked at the best courses. She set me up on a quick course which allowed me to learn the basics of the trade and enabled me to get a job as I needed to earn money as quickly as possible. JETS is now providing funding for me to do a part time NVQ2 course which means I can carry on working and get qualified at the same time.

What attracted you to your new career as an electrician and what are you enjoying most about it?

I realised there was always going to be a massive demand and guaranteed job as an electrician. I’ve always been keen on electronics and so it seemed to make sense. I’m really enjoying working more normal hours and having my weekends. Whilst I’m learning something new all the time, life is a lot less demanding now than it was as a jockey.

What skills which you developed as a jockey are you now using in your new job?

The main one is communication, I loved riding and I met some amazing people and as a jockey had to speak to trainers and owners a lot so it makes you aware of how you present yourself which has been really useful when dealing with clients in my new job.

What advice would you give to young jockeys riding now?

Do research about careers you may be interested in, the more you prepare, the less likely you are to make a mistake and waste time going down the wrong path. There are so many things out there to do!

January 2017